Margurerite Arbour


I started teaching yoga in the early 90s. My first teacher was Elissa Gallander and I trained with Esther Myers.  I had a private student (the late Damar Baur) who I “practice taught ” to.  I also gained experience teaching in some of the local community centers.

Before I started teaching, I volunteered at an M.S. Class my teacher ran.  I ended up teaching that class for a year while she travelled.  It amazed me how much the students got out of that class, yet they hardly moved.

I feel very fortunate to have in depth experience with adaptive yoga.  In fact, there comes a time as we get older and hopefully wiser, that we are all doing adaptive yoga to suit the reality of the body we reside in.

I think its very common when one first does yoga, that the focus is on the movements and getting flexible. Eventually, it becomes more about breathing and letting go and moving into those deeply held places.

One starts off by doing yoga and eventually yoga does you!

I love working with groups of any sort . I also love teaching privately.

I think the nature of the practice is adaptable to anyone and I can manage to teach the individual in a group setting.

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“Since I began yoga with Marguerite  5 years ago I have never missed a class except for illness or being out of town. I am utterly convinced that my classes with her contribute to maintaining  flexibility and building strength and stamina. I enjoy the individual attention she gives and the combination of familiar and new poses she incorporates into each class. I have tried other yoga teachers and no one compares with Marguerite!” –Eileen Fawcett


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