WorkPlace Yoga

Work Place Yoga can be organized by an Employer or Staff person.. Yoga In Riverdale has been offering Corporate Yoga to Bridgepoint Health for 10 years. Yoga at work promotes happy, healthy staff who do a better job. Classes can be ongoing or a limited to a series .Participants love that they can do yoga at work.
Corporate Yoga

Who’s doing yoga at work?

Bridgepoint Active Healthcare
10+ years, Tuesdays + Thursday’s over lunch

These are private classes, however contact me if you want to do yoga at your work!

“I have really been benefiting from the lunch time yoga.  I have a lower back issue which I have had for over 3 years and see physiotherapy regularly to help with this.  Since starting the yoga (about 6 months ago) my physiotherapist has commented on how good my progress has been. Stressing the importance of doing yoga as an important role in healing .

I am a long distance runner and lover of other exercises which include strength, resistance and cardio.   I have gotten used to very often having tight hips, quads and hamstrings in particular.  The yoga really helps me to stretch out the areas and keep on meeting my health and fitness goals.  My job at times has very high stress levels, competing demands and often urgency in completing tasks. I find that the yoga calms me and helps me focus, not to get overwhelmed and be able to carry on. There are also times when I need to stay late due to meetings or to complete required assignments. I find that on the days I make it to class that I can much easier stay later, more productive, relaxed and focused in my work. I am healthier and stronger with yoga and you in my life!” –Barb

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