Yesterday, I visited the Boyz at Orbital Arts.  Their friend Matt was there.  We got chatting about yoga. Matt wondered about Upward Facing Dog.  In a vary limited space, he demonstrated how he went from plank to upward facing dog.

I thought of a few more important points to that asana…..

In order to keep the weight from sitting in your low back…keep in mind that it is an upper body weight bearing exercise.  Let the work be in your arms and lengthen your heels away from your waist.  In this case, your toes are turned under. Try not to lock your elbows.  They stay bent and hug into your ribs.

If you focus on opening your chest and taking the weight in your arms, there will be less pressure compressing on your lumbar.   Shoulders are always dropping away from your ears and sliding down your back.  Its more that your wings tuck in and come forward and apart rather than “squeezing them together”


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