When  I was 9 years old, I was introduced to yoga.  My sister and I use to go down to “the apartments” on Queen St. East at Craven Rd where we were taught Alternate Nostril Breathing.  We were given a poster of Sun Salutation. The woman who “taught” us wasa free spirited , pot smoking, free loving hippie who was the older sister of my brothers friend…. It was 1969. I remember that poster being hung at the end of a hallway in our house.   Trying to do those poses unassisted was short lived and frustrating to say the least.

In 1987, my friend Dominique convinced me to go to a yoga class with her and the teacher allowed me to bring my child (stroller and all) to the class. At that time, yoga showed me how disconnected I was from myself and how in many ways, I existed from the head up.  I can’t even say I really liked it, it was hard and awkward and I tried to understand everything intellectually.

The stress of my life was too much and I quit.  Thank god, my teacher sent me a letter once telling me that she was going to save a spot for me in her class whenever I was ready to return. What a gift she gave me. Her name is Elissa Gallender.  She inspired me to teach.

I grew to love yoga but my practice was superficial. I was working too hard to “do yoga” instead of getting out of the way and letting “yoga do me”

Yoga made me feel good…and I wanted more but I was never able to master the art of dicipline.

I think it comes to each of us thru perserverance and dedication and time.

I believe INSPIRATION is the best motivator to establish a dicipline.  Pain, illness and residing in an aging body are also very good motivators.

Yoga really does mean to unify ones self in all of our various parts and the poses and conscious breathing are simply the means to get there!  Horray for yoga

Marguerite Arbour


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