Yoga for Cancer


Marguerite has been working with the cancer community for over ten years. She works at Wellsprings’downtown and Sunnybrook location. The classes are open to patients and their caregivers. Participants are at various stages in their journey. Marguerite understands the healing capabilities of yoga and is able to bring that awareness to her teachings. The classes at Wellspring are free to participants. She also offers private classes to people during their cancer journey and well into their recovery. Most people who discover yoga recognize that it is an intregal part of their healing. Surgery and stress are two reasons yoga is so popular with people who have cancer. Marguerite has integrated movements that can facilitate a feeling of well being and bring balance to ones body.

“Marguerite was instrumental in helping me recover after treatment for breast cancer. It is an on-going process, but I credit my physical and mental health in part to her and her commitment and patience in  teaching her students how to adapt to their” new reality” –Reesa Rosen

Who’s doing recovery care?
Wesllspring Downtown and Westerkirk House
10+ years of supportive Cancer care, symptom management, recovery
These are private classes, however contact me if you want to do yoga at your work!

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