Yoga for Cancer


Wellness Yoga for People with Cancer

and Their Caregivers

8 week session at the Bain co op Community Centre

Starts September 7 to October 26

$200.00 for 8 weeks

Registration and information:

647 821-2398


I started working at Toronto’s Wellspring Cancer Centres about 13 years ago.  The participants that I teach are at various stages in their journey.  I feel grateful to have the opportunity to further understand the potential we all have to heal though yoga and stress reduction.  Yoga gives us the gift of being in the moment and trusting our bodies innate wisdom

“Marguerite was instrumental in helping me recover after treatment for breast cancer. It is an on-going process, but I credit my physical and mental health in part to her and her commitment and patience in  teaching her students how to adapt to their” new reality” –Reesa Rosen

Who’s doing recovery care?
Wesllspring Downtown and Westerkirk House
10+ years of supportive Cancer care, symptom management, recovery
These are private classes, however the YogaInRiverdale Friday morning Class is open to the public and held in the Bain Co-Op

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