Wednesday Morning in the Bain Co Op

Fall Session:  September to December 2018



We started our fall session today in the Bain Co Op.  I have a student in my class that I’ve been teaching for over 20 years and another who just re joined me after 17 years of living out of the city.  The group at the Bain Co op is amazing and so is the space.  We are doing some Transformational Yoga.  The journey is deep and long and there is no goal.  The intent is to be in the process!

come join us

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ReCharge – Stay Strong – Be Well

Your Health Is Your Wealth

Wednesday Morning Yoga

Notice the form, the grace, the breath of these ladies who are devoted to their wellbeing…..


Marichasana – Sitting Spinal Twist

Some of my Wednesday morning yoga participants have been doing yoga for a long time.  They really get it and are totally devoted to their practice and well being.  I love the image here because they all have their head in line with their backbones!

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Heaven Scent up Coming Events:

On June 3rd from 12noon until 4pm, Heaven Scent will be at “The Fools Market”, a pop up monthly market at 1917 Gerrard Street East (east of Woodbine).  We will have a variety of soaps for you and your loved ones….



Our next Soap Sample Give Away at the Big Carrot will be on Saturday June 16th from 1pm to 4:30. We will be having a 15 % off sale. Eucalyptus and Bergamot with Cedarwood Soap will be available if you are looking for Fathers Day gift items.  All our soap bars can be used for Shampoo, Shower and Shaving Bars.


Easy to Make Eye Cream

If you like Simple Natural products, this eye cream is for you.


Coconut Oil + Vitamin E


Mix Coconut Oil and Vitamin E together with a Hand Blender.  Transfer to a container and leave in your washroom.  This Blend can be used as a go to eye  cream.  It will have a long shelf life and is free of chemicals.


Is Lye Necessary In Soap Making?

It Is A Necessary Ingredient In All Soap Making Endevours

Absolutely no way around it.  Soap can’t be made without using Lye.  Lye becomes boiling hot when water is added to it. Sodium Hydroxide or Saponified Oils are other words used to describe the ingredient of Lye in Soap.

It takes appoximately 45 minutes for saponification to occur .  Then there is soap!

Soap Demo The Big Carrot

Sunday March 31st

2pm to 6pm

Free soap samples

15 percent off

get some soap



Yesterday, I visited the Boyz at Orbital Arts.  Their friend Matt was there.  We got chatting about yoga. Matt wondered about Upward Facing Dog.  In a vary limited space, he demonstrated how he went from plank to upward facing dog.

I thought of a few more important points to that asana…..

In order to keep the weight from sitting in your low back…keep in mind that it is an upper body weight bearing exercise.  Let the work be in your arms and lengthen your heels away from your waist.  In this case, your toes are turned under. Try not to lock your elbows.  They stay bent and hug into your ribs.

If you focus on opening your chest and taking the weight in your arms, there will be less pressure compressing on your lumbar.   Shoulders are always dropping away from your ears and sliding down your back.  Its more that your wings tuck in and come forward and apart rather than “squeezing them together”




When  I was 9 years old, I was introduced to yoga.  My sister and I use to go down to “the apartments” on Queen St. East at Craven Rd where we were taught Alternate Nostril Breathing.  We were given a poster of Sun Salutation. The woman who “taught” us wasa free spirited , pot smoking, free loving hippie who was the older sister of my brothers friend…. It was 1969. I remember that poster being hung at the end of a hallway in our house.   Trying to do those poses unassisted was short lived and frustrating to say the least.

In 1987, my friend Dominique convinced me to go to a yoga class with her and the teacher allowed me to bring my child (stroller and all) to the class. At that time, yoga showed me how disconnected I was from myself and how in many ways, I existed from the head up.  I can’t even say I really liked it, it was hard and awkward and I tried to understand everything intellectually.

The stress of my life was too much and I quit.  Thank god, my teacher sent me a letter once telling me that she was going to save a spot for me in her class whenever I was ready to return. What a gift she gave me. Her name is Elissa Gallender.  She inspired me to teach.

I grew to love yoga but my practice was superficial. I was working too hard to “do yoga” instead of getting out of the way and letting “yoga do me”

Yoga made me feel good…and I wanted more but I was never able to master the art of dicipline.

I think it comes to each of us thru perserverance and dedication and time.

I believe INSPIRATION is the best motivator to establish a dicipline.  Pain, illness and residing in an aging body are also very good motivators.

Yoga really does mean to unify ones self in all of our various parts and the poses and conscious breathing are simply the means to get there!  Horray for yoga

Marguerite Arbour


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