Ongoing Classes


‘I started practicing yoga as a beginner with Marguerite Arbour in 2009. Marguerite creates a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere in which to learn and is a nurturing, patient and generous person and teacher. Through yoga, Marguerite has positively affected both my physical and mental well-being and taught me the importance of balance in life while continually challenging and motivating me. She is not just my yoga teacher, but now a dear friend and mentor. Her love of yoga is infectious and has inspired me to not only integrate yoga into my life permanently but to pursue training as a yoga teacher! Thank you, Marguerite.’–Jane L.



available for private classes

“I’ve gone to a variety of yoga classes over the years and after two sessions always dropped out. Four years ago a colleague talked me into giving Marguerite’s lunch time class a try. From the first day I knew this instructor was different. She started the class by inviting us to lay down, relax and find a comfortable position. We paid attention to our breathing and letting go of physical and mental stress. She demonstrated each pose for the class and showed me how to modify the poses based upon my abilities. I like the focus on breathing, stress reduction and listening to our own bodies. I’ve recommended her to other colleagues and most of all I’ve continued to go. Marguerite’s class is an important part of my work life balance strategy.” –Jan Kraus, BH employee